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The ten essential components of B2B loyalty programs

Customer loyalty is arguably more important in business-to-business (B2B) industries than it is in consumer industries. That’s because, in B2B firms, the 80-20 rule is sometimes the 90-10 rule: the top 10 percent of your customers can account for 90 percent of your profits. The good news: by identifying the key purchasers and influencers in your client organizations and then building relationships with them that mimic relationships in the consumer world, you can increase the retention, yield, and lifetime value of your best customers. Here are the ten steps to finding the consumer inside your business client— and building loyalty that lasts.

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How one plumbing supplier achieved a double-digit increase in market share

A plumbing supply company experiencing flat sales wanted to explore a customer loyalty strategy designed to motivate plumbers in the mid-tier market to shift more share to their operation. Enter Reward Paths. After a thorough examination of the company’s business model and financials, we designed and launched a 6-month trial loyalty program constructed around specific, targeted goals for each individual plumbing company. Find out how Reward Paths helped the company generate a market share increase of approximately 10 percent.

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Avoiding the most common loyalty pitfalls

Structured properly, executed flawlessly, and well-aligned with your brand, a customer loyalty program can pay big dividends in retention, advocacy, and increased yield from your best customers. Loyalty programs work because their design is built on a foundational understanding of human psychology and our very human desire for recognition and reward. Research has shown, however, that half of all loyalty program launches fail within two years of launch. Very often, programs fail for the same reasons; so much so that it's possible to catalog the most common loyalty blunders to avoid when designing or relaunching your own loyalty program. Discover the ten most common loyalty pitfalls.

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